vineri, 27 aprilie 2012

Love is blind and deaf!

              "Love is patient and kind, it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offence, nor is it resentful. Love takes no pleasure in others’ sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end. There are three things that last: faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love." When you love, you love with your body, with your heart, with your mind, but not with eyes!
As Shakespeare said , “Love is blind!”. Love is deaf! Love makes the world goes round!
              Firstly, when somebody is in love you can feel it. People who fall in love are just like the sun. You can see the sunrise and the sunset in their eyes, in their heart, everywhere! They are blind! They can't see people around them, but  just the one they love. They are deaf! They can't hear people gossiping or saying bad things, but just lovely whispers. Love takes you to the heaven and makes you kinder, more beautiful.
              Secondly, love doesn't need colours or sounds! Love is beauty, love is music! It's imposibile to find a defect in something that is perfect .Love is perfect! The one you love is perfect for you! You don't need eyes or ears to see and to hear this. Just look carefuly in you heart, listen to it and when your mind will tell you ''He is the one” , that means he is the one! 
To love means to live! When your heart is empty, you can consider yourself dead. Love is like food , water and air! You are not able to live without them.
             Likewise love makes you childish. You have the same innocence and the same pure soul. You are living in the clouds and nothing can make you down to earth. Love is an endless  play, a dance of kisses, hugs and whispers! Children don't judge people for their faces. They learn to love every creature of God starting with little things like a smile or a tear and ending with people.Children judge with soul, we judge with eyes, with mind, with everything, but not with heart. Love teaches us to judge with soul and probably this is the most important lesson that love gives us.When you love, you love both the qualities, as well as defects of your “perfect man” or “perfect woman”!
            In conclusion, I choose to end with one of my favourite quotations of Shakespeare: “And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.”So, love is sometimes more powerful than God and we are not worthy to oppose to love. Love is blind, love is deaf, love don't judge people for their face, but for their soul!

miercuri, 18 aprilie 2012

Ploaua.....stau inchisa in casa
Muzica lui Chriss rasuna in casca
Nu e totusi miroase-a tine
Ma uit adeseori pe strada: ,,Nu mai vine!" :(
Si ma doare absenta ta atat de mult
Gandul se lasa si el purtat de vant
Inima din palma se zbate mai tare
E neagra si arunca-o-n mare
Esti atat de aproape,dar nu te simt anume
Te-ai ascuns si tu printre celelate fețe comune 
Nu te mai recunosc,nu te vad, nu te simt
Nu mai esti acelasi si nu-mi place sa ma mint
Esti un strain ca toti ceilalti din lumea mea
Nu mai simt ca ai facut parte din inima candva

Tu nu poti sa intelegi..da nu poti sa negi...
Ca esti nu merge...
Ca ne trece pe langa ureche un fior...
Ce nu vrea decat sa sa sece...
O iubire care moare..
Daca nu intelegi ca doare...
Fiecare particica din sufletul meu...
Nu pot fi a oricui...
Dar as fi a nimanui daca nu ramaï...
                                                               [Chriss justus- Cu maini prea reci]

Ai plecat sa-ti vezi de ale tale.
Da. Dar ai luat si aripile mele.
Vara s-a pierdut, toamna a venit;
Ma face melancolic cu mirosul ei deosebit.
Parca tot ce-a fost n-a fost
Ca s-a terminat c-un "adio "si fara rost.
Ma uit spre cer si parca plange
Si plang si eu, dar cu lacrimi de sange.
Totul in jurul meu e gol si trist.
Sa zambesc, de fiecare data insist.
Am incetat sa sper ca te vei intoarce,
Amintirile imi inteapa inima ca niste ace.
Si acum, nu mai imi gasesc deloc locul
Ma intreb cu ce miza sa incep jocul?
Si sufletul ma-ntreaba neincetat
"De ce-ai plecat? "
Da' chiar...De ce-ai plecat?

marți, 17 aprilie 2012

       Hello! Cand ma uit la blogul asta si il vad gol, sec ...nimic nou...imi dau seama intr-adevar ca m-am schimbat. Viata mea s-a schimbat! Odata cu primul an de liceu timpul meu e din ce in ce mai putin....ideile din ce in ce mai putine. Ma pierd intr-o monotonie care ma seaca de viata, de energie, de suflet,de mine. Mi-am facut noi prieteni, am pierdut multi... Si sunt multe lucruri si multe persoane care-mi amintesc de trecut, totusi multe lucruri ce ma indeamna sa privesc spre viitor.Asa ca imi traiesc acum viata cu regretul ca nu am sa fiu atat de activa din punct de vedere creativ.So, I'm really sorry! Ne citim la vara!